How do you feel after succesful semifinals ?

Equal parts excitement and relief.  I say relief because I really felt like I let the team down in the two losses of the series.  I wasn’t used to pitching in relief and I let it affect my performance.  Everyone on the team is playing at such a high level right now, and I just wanted to do my part to help the team.  The excitement is obvious.  I’m proud to be a small part of the first Eagles team to make the finals in nearly a decade.  But we’re not done, our goal is and always has been to bring the championship back to Prague.

Was it tough for you pitched on saturday in relief and as a starter on sunday?

I’ll be honest.  When I was warming up Sunday, my arm didn’t feel  very good.  I was hoping to get three or four innings out of it at most.  However, once the adrenaline started pumping, I caught my second wind and was able pitch seven innings.  My arm actually felt strong later in the game than it did at the start.

How you can rank this “succes” in your baseball career?
I would rank this pretty high as far as the success goes.  Mainly because I have so much fun playing with this team.  When I was 18, I played on a team that placed ninth in the World Series.  That was a pretty special team, but so is this one. After all the hard work in the offseason and throughout the season, taking down the defending champs was very rewarding.

Do you enjoy an atmosphere in Eagles baseball team?

The atmosphere in the Eagles team is better than any I’ve ever been a part of.  Coming in as a foreigner, I didn’t know how I would fit in or if the guys even wanted some American on the team. I quickly found out I had nothing to worry about.  This is a great group of guys and I feel lucky to be a part of it. There’s a great chemistry on this team and I think it shows up on the field. It’s also the reason why I have unshakeable confidence that we beat Draci and win the Exraliga title.